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5 Accounting Tips for Restaurants

From everyday customers to tracking receipts, it is not that easy to maintain records of bookkeeping for restaurant owners. The concept of restaurant accounting becomes simple only if it gets to be organized and accurate. The primary focus here is how much money are you making a profit. This number comes from daily reports analysis where everyday loss, daily sales, and day-to-day expenditure are taken into account.

Below are some accounting tips and advice for a better bookkeeping and accounting.

1. Accuracy- The first that comes to my mind is accuracy regarding numbers. Make sure you record correct numbers while spending, collecting, profit or loss. Don't round off numbers for just to make your calculation easy; it can harm at final calculation stage.

2. Track Expenses- It is very important to keep track of your expenses. It can include inventory cost, cost of goods sold, salary wages, etc. Tracking expenses will help in understanding your weekly expense and how much money you have to make for getting the break even.

3. Track Revenue- Apart from tracking expenses, it is equally important to track revenue as well. Tracking revenue will help to understand the weekly budget. It will prevent any loss or will intimate you when there is chance of loss in case if there is not enough revenue.

4. Use Accounting Software- After tracking expense and revenue, it is essential to calculate Profit and Loss statement. Apart from all above reasons, if you have a good accounting software, it can do most of your bookkeeping tasks. Restaurant accounting software is mostly including point of sale system and financial software. Some software also includes payroll; sales report functions as well. Hence a good accounting software can facilitate the process of bookkeeping.

5. Hire an Accountant- If your business is growing and have complex accounting situations apart from above records and analysis, then you must hire a part-time or full-time accountant. It will help you to understand your business model more closely. It can also give you a view of your financial projections, business opportunities, etc.


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